Whey Hydro XXL Nutrition Reviews


oktaryn Verified Buyer

It has no sugar, but A LOT of artifical sweeteners. I wish it had no artifical sweeteners, or at least smaller amount - it would be ideal whey. Everything else is perfect.

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Bernis Verified Buyer

One of the best Protein powders on the market. Easy to digest. Tried few flavors. My favorite: Vanilla, Raspberry. Well recommend for guys with sensible stomach or those who are lactose intolerance (try sample). 5/5+++++ stars

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Martinbehindcorner Verified Buyer

Before I ordered this protein I asked for some more information. This is a hydrolyzed Whey Isolate so it is from high quality. This product is a real bargain!! Flavor is also pretty good for a Whey Hydro if you compare it with some others (Scitec, ON).

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