Business Account

How do I create a business account?

XXL Nutrition is the fastest growing brand of supplements in Europe. If you have a gym, supplement web shop or shop and are you looking for a good and reliable supplement supplier, then you have come to the right address.

Apart from the extremely popular XXL Nutrition line we can supply all brands from our assortment at very low prices.

Conditions for registration as a business customer:

  • The company has a valid CoC and VAT number
  • The company has an affinity with supplements so regular orders can be expected
  • After registration on the website we reserve the right to reject your application as a business customer
  • Every three months business accounts are automatically checked with regard to purchases

You can register via the website. After our acceptance you can order in the same way as consumers. After logging in you will see the very low business account prices.

If you have any questions or you simply want to have contact, we can be reached via e-mail [email protected] or by phone +31 (0) 492-554731.

Do I have to pay for a business account?

Creating a business account is free of charge. You just need a valid CoC and VAT number. Of course your company has to be active as a gym or supplement shop.

When will I get insight in your business prices?

Immediately after we have accepted your business account you will get insight into all our low prices on products. You may have to login again in order to see the prices.

What is the delivery time of business orders?

The delivery time of business orders is the same as private orders. If you order a large amount of products it may differ, in this case, please contact our customer service.


Delivery time in business days

The Netherlands

1 day


1-2 days


1-2 days


2-5 days

What are the shipping costs for business orders?

The shipping costs of business orders are different for each country:


Shipping Costs

The Netherlands


United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg






Italy and Denmark


Spain and Sweden


Hungary and Lithuania