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I use this protein for a longer while. It mixes perfectly with water or coconut milk. I always order chocolate flavour but used cookie and cream as well. Very tasty. I'm not looking for any other product now.

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jayeshrc Verified Buyer

This is a really good supplement! Taste is great even in the natural unflavoured version, it mixes easily and it has been tested to show high amounts of protein content. I am only going to buy products from xxl nutrition from now! :)

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Slack Verified Buyer

This is a great product. Been using it for about a year now and i'm satisfied. The concentration of protein per 100 grams of prodcut is suffiecient for me. Futhermore I always buy the flavor strawberry and i would recommend it. It has a pretty natural taste! You won't regret this product. 

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wimpers Verified Buyer

hi, I used to order "On" perfect whey. Now I'm using xxl whey, more tatse in choc. than in the golds standard and the price is way better. Nice job XXl team

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dixdeo Verified Buyer

this is my favorite specially the best taste but i take it since a lot of months and no digestive problem...this is the perfect way for build your body !

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Simmo Verified Buyer

I purchased vanilla and the taste is great. It doesn't foam up like some other proteins which require a long wait before it settles. Dealing with xxl nutrition is fast, simple and easy.. Great service and they will definitely get my repeat business.

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