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5 tips to improve your focus & concentration
5 tips to improve your focus & concentration

5 tips to improve your focus & concentration

  • Reading time: 8 min.

You’re halfway through a game and feel yourself losing focus and becoming drained. The rest of the team is relying on you to pull it together whilst you’re shaking off the feeling, trying to play at your best.

It’s a horrible scenario, right? We’ve put together a few simple tips that aim to reduce this feeling, and keep you at the top of your game!

Sleep Schedule

We know late-night gaming sessions are the best way to end the day and are sometimes unavoidable with training and scrims schedules, but having a healthy sleep routine is one of the most obvious ways to ensure you can continue to perform at your best. For the average adult, it’s recommended to sleep at least 7 hours a night for optimal health and general focus.

Stay Hydrated

Improved focus and reduced mental fatigue have been linked time and time again with being properly hydrated. Being dehydrated, even by a small amount, can not only negatively impact your focus but also slows down your reaction speed and has consequences for your decision-making.

When using our powdered energy drink Game On to stay hydrated, we recommend mixing 1 scoop (8g) with 500ml of fresh water, or a drink of your choice - and with the inclusion of vitamin B5 to reduce tiredness and magnesium to support your mental energy, you’ll stay on top form throughout your game.

Adjust Screen Brightness and Distance

Feeling like you’ve got sand in your eyes and it’s distracting your focus? By adjusting your screen brightness to a slightly lower level, or a level that matches the overall lighting in your room, the strain that your screen puts on your eyes is reduced and therefore any negative symptoms you’ve been experiencing such as headaches, dry eyes and eye pressure should be noticeably reduced. We also recommend ensuring your screen is positioned an appropriate distance away - this not only helps your eyes but could also reduce back pain caused by poor posture.

Eat a Balanced Diet

If you were ever told to eat breakfast to boost your attention before school or work, we’re here to tell you that you might want to start doing that to improve your in-game abilities too! Foods that fuel the brain such as high-fibre grains; nuts; fruits; sources of protein including chicken or fish; and healthier snack options such as our N’Joy Protein Bars, help work to balance blood sugars and therefore can improve your focus.

If you’re already using Game On to stay hydrated you’ll be pleased to know that ingredients such as B Vitamins and Pantothenic Acid are also super helpful to turn the food you eat into the energy that your body requires, creating the perfect setting for your mind to withstand even the longest gaming session.

Taking Regular Breaks & Exercise

Whenever you get the chance, try taking a break from your screen. By combining your break with a light form of exercise such as a brisk walk, it’s possible to increase blood flow to your brain which in turn increases concentration and overall brain function. Obviously whilst this isn’t possible in the middle of a game, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your next match if you find a way to implement this tip into your routine.

Additional Supplements

While the previous tips provide you with ways to implement habits into your routine to naturally increase focus, sometimes an immediate boost is necessary in the moment. Game On is a quick and easy way to keep you at the top of your game, even during the middle of an intensive session. With our advanced, carefully composed formula, Game On features a variety of high-quality ingredients that provide you with a boost of energy, without any nasty jitters or crashes. Even if you opt for our caffeine-free variant, you’ll still feel the benefits of the selected ingredients, such as Zinc for concentration and Lutein for boosting your vision.

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