cellulite cups stack

Cellulite Cups Stack

Do you enjoy taking good care of your body and giving yourself some good body treatment? Then the Cellulite Cups Stack provides the perfect combination. The wonderfully scented Massage Oil allows you to relax both mentally and physically, and the Cellulite Cups help to treat your legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms effectively. The cups come in four different sizes, so you can use a well-fitting cup for every area of the body.

Promote Blood Flow With Cellulite Cups

Cellulite Cups are flexible plastic cups that allow you to loosen the top layer of skin and thus give yourself an effective treatment. By placing the cups vacuum tight on the skin and then moving them in a zig-zag motion, they encourage blood circulation in the skin. Always make sure that you move from bottom to top.

Unwind With Massage Oil

Essential when using the Cellulite Cups is massage oil, allowing for the cups to move smoothly over the skin. The Cellulite Cups Stack provides the perfect combination. After all, it comes with our wonderfully relaxing Massage Oil. The deep and fresh scents make you relax, ensuring treatment with the cups is as effective as possible.

Usage and Dosage

Apply the massage oil in small amounts to the skin and spread it well. Now press the top of the cup and place it on the skin, so that the cup creates a vacuum. Then move the cup over the skin in a zigzagging motion. Make sure you always move from bottom to top.

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Cellulite Cups Stack

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Go for complete relaxation with the Cellulite Cups Stack! 
  • Perfect combination of a massage oil and four cellulite cups
  • The cups are easy to use and clean
  • The massage oil does not stick and is nourishing for the skin

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