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The most delicious protein pancake you have ever tried - guaranteed!

Almost everybody loves pancakes. You can vary a lot with pancakes and even without any extra's, pancakes will still taste good. But the biggest problem are their nutritional values. In our opinion, pancakes must be pancakes, so you surely need carbohydrates. Where many competitors focus on only 'protein' pancakes, we chose for a product with healthy carbohydrates from oats. This gives a better structure which is quite the same as a normal pancake, rather than pure protein pancakes. We experimented with pure protein pancakes, but they were hard to bake, and the structure was very weird.

Our vision for pancakes is that they must be nutritious. That's why we added fat from only pure eggs. This is a healthy source of fats. Then we also added protein from various sources: Whey protein and Micellar Casein. This way you will have a slow and fast-acting protein.

This is what you will 'eat' when you are enjoying our Delicious Pancakes (flavor: vanilla):

  • 36% Protein from: Whey Concentrate and Micellar Casein
  • 37,5% healthy carbs from oats
  • Only 1,8% natural sugar!
  • 17,5% fats from eggs

To finish the product, we created a vanilla flavor sweetened with only Stevia, the healthy sweetener. We also have the delicious 'Original Pancake' flavor available for you.

Four powerful ingredients in one mix

Regular pancakes are already good. Yet they do not fulfill the needs of demanding athletes. Simple, singular carbohydrates and barely any protein. That does not seem like much, but Delicious Pancakes are not just any pancakes. For starters, every pancake of this mix is filled with complex carbohydrates from oats. It also contains a mixture of three different, high quality protein from eggs, whey and milk. Every pancake consists out of more than 35% pure protein. That is more than in steak! This powerful combination of protein supports the development of muscle mass and muscle strength. An ideal mix for athletes to have a delicious, high quality meal quick.

Delicious Pancakes can be used as a responsible meal substitution or as a nutritious snack. Because of the soft and light vanilla flavor you don’t need any toppings. Even the Original Pancake flavor is good on its own! Our Pancakes are delicious both warm and cold. For a finishing touch you could always combine them with our 0%Syrup!

Delicious Pancakes are not only delicious and nutritious but are very easy and quick to prepare. Forget about the struggling with whisks and mixers. Simply shake the mixture in a shaker withmilk or another drink of your choice and finish of in the frying pan. Within minutes you can poke your fork into a beautiful, golden-brown pancake. A tasty meal with which you immediately get a large dose of high quality carbohydrates and protein

XXL Tip! Take a look at Delicious Breakfast to see a delicious breakfast!

Suggested Use

Mix for 1 pancake 2 scoops (50 g) of Delicious Pancakes mix with 100 ml milk or another drink of your choice in a shaker. Pour this mixture into a hot frying pan and bake the pancake.


Frequently asked questions

Q) Can I consider the pancakes as a whole meal? For example, during breakfast or dinner?  
A) Yes, the pancakes exclusively contain high quality, pure protein and carbohydrates. They are very suitable to substitute a meal for both power- as duration athletes. 

Q) What decides the fat content of the pancake?
A) The pancake mix is made of real eggs, so the natural fats are preserved.

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Delicious Pancakes

400 Reviews
The most delicious pancakes with 36% protein, 38% carbs (from oats) and 11-18% fat (from eggs)
  • Complex carbohydrates with no added sugar
  • High quality protein from egg, whey and milk-sources
  • Perfect meal for every athlete, both for hot and cold use
  • Ready in minutes! Shake - bake - enjoy and grow!
  • Delicious mild vanilla flavor (sweetened with Stevia!) or original pancake

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