dual shaker

Dual Shaker

It happens often enough that you drink something different before and/or during your workout than immediately after your workout. As a result, a considerable amount of space in your (sports) bag is taken up by shake cups, water bottles and supplements. With the Dual Shaker, however, this is a thing of the past: this shaker has 2 separate compartments, both with their own drink opening. This leaves space in your (sports) bag and reduces the chance that you will forget your post-workout.

Everything always at hand

With the Dual Shaker of XXL Nutrition you are sure that you have the right supplements for every moment of the day. For example, when you go to train, you can take your pre- and post-workout in 1 shaker. If you have a long car ride ahead of you, you can use one compartment for water and prepare a protein shake in the other. Because of the removable shake grid, it is also possible to use 1 compartment for a protein bar; this way you will no longer find it crushed at the bottom of your bag.

Combination suggestions

The convenient size of the Dual Shaker allows you to easily make, for example, the following combinations:

  • Pre-workout and BCAAs; before and during your workout
  • Essential Amino Stack & Mega Grow; during and after your workout
  • Isotonic & Advanced Post Workout; during and after endurance training
  • Creashock Powder & Whey Delicious; on the way to work or school
  • Total content: 800ml
  • Volume per compartment: 400ml


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Dual Shaker

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