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Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of the muscles usual function after intense or lengthy body movement that lead to muscle exhaustion and depletion of the glycogen supply in the skeleton muscles.  Read more
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Delicious Oat Bar
Delicious Oat BarXXL Nutrition
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Muscle GrowXXL Nutrition
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Sports FuelXXL Nutrition
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IsoTonic DrinkXXL Nutrition
IsoTonic Pro
IsoTonic ProXXL Nutrition

Of course, everyone wants to get the most out of their workout. The recovery and performance of your muscles play a major role in this. During sports, whether this is strength training, HITT or endurance sports, your muscles are damaged. By providing your muscles with the right nutrients before, during and after the workout, you ensure that they can recover well so that you can perform even better during your next workout. To lend a hand, XXL Nutrition has made a selection of the right supplements for the best recovery and optimal performance!


Carbohydrates play a major role in the recovery of your muscles. Furthermore, they provide your body with energy, and therefore they are also called the fuel for your body. Carbohydrates can be divided into two types. Simply put, your body absorbs the fast carbohydrates faster than the complex carbohydrates, but complex carbohydrates usually make you feel more satisfied. Fast carbohydrates such as the Waxy Maize or DextroJuice Pro are often used around or after the workout. Your body can quickly absorb these carbohydrates and thus quickly convert them into energy or muscle glycogen. Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, can be consumed at other times of the day. For example, the Perfect Oats protein shake or one of our carbohydrate bars. In addition to the gradual release, this makes you more satisfied, making you less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

Post-workout shakes

After an intensive workout, it is important that your muscles can recover properly. This requires important nutrients with the correct ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In addition to the well-known protein shakes or all-in-one supplements, XXL Nutrition has various, carefully composed, Post-Workout Shakes. These Post-Workout Shakes consist of complex carbohydrates, pure proteins, amino acids and vitamins and minerals. So you provide your muscles with all the necessary nutrients for maximum recovery! 

Intra-workout shakes

You also want to provide your muscles with the right nutrients during your workout. With an Intra-Workout supplement, you ensure that you do not run short while exercising. Examples include Intra-Workout or IsoTonic! In addition to various shakes, we also have delicious sports drinks that contribute perfectly to your performance.

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