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carbohydrate bars

Carbohydrate Bars

It is not all about getting as much protein as possible while practicing weight training or fitness.  Read more
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Delicious Oat Bar
Delicious Oat BarXXL Nutrition
Natural Energy Bar
Natural Energy BarXXL Nutrition
Complete Food Bar
Complete Food BarXXL Nutrition

Of course, strength training and fitness are not just about getting as many proteins as possible. Carbohydrates are also a very important nutrient and you get then from, among other things, a high-fibre diet such as bread, pasta and rice. In addition to your daily diet, you sometimes want to get enough carbohydrates in an easy way, and then our carbohydrate bars are a good solution. These carbohydrate bars consist of complex carbohydrates and have a thick layer of delicious chocolate! Ideal for eating before your workout so that you can get the most out of your workout with enough energy!

Energy bar

Our regular carbohydrate bar contains no less than 460 kcal per bar, so that you can (almost) consider it a meal replacement. We have therefore developed a bar that is more suitable for eating around your workout. Our Energy Bar consists of complex carbohydrates from oat flakes, rice, raisins and honey. Your body absorbs these quickly, which means that you notice the effect quickly and suffer less from a crash after you have eaten the bar. 

Food bar

In addition to our protein bars and carbohydrate bars, we have also developed a bar that has the best possible nutritional values. Our food bar consists exclusively of natural ingredients and is free of artificial colours, fragrances and flavours. As a result, the bar is also suitable for people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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