lifting glove

Lifting Glove

During strength training, there is quite a bit of pressure on your wrists, so you always need to be wary of injuries. Thanks to the integrated wrist support, you get exactly the support where needed, without affecting your freedom of movement. The ideal all-round lifting glove for every fitness fanatic.

Fitness gloves

Thanks to the Velcro that closes around your wrist, you can adjust the size of this fitness glove completely to your liking. This allows the glove to be perfectly tailored to (almost) every hand. Because the fitness gloves have no fingers, you can keep them nice and free, making it easy to use a barbell or kettlebell. The ideal training accessory for more healthy and responsible workout sessions.

Fitness glove

The inner part of these fitness gloves is made of leather, so that you have a good grip and the glove feels sturdy. On the other hand, the exterior is more flexible to promote freedom of movement and ventilation. Do you enjoy heavy strength training? Then the Lifting Glove Pro may be the perfect solution: this fitness glove has the same durable quality, but includes a wrist strap for even better support.

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Lifting Glove

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Protect your hands and wrists during workouts and prevent injuries.

  • Fitness glove that supports hands and wrists
  • Adjustable size thanks to Velcro closure
  • Made of sturdy materials for perfect grip and ventilation

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