lifting glove pro

Lifting Glove Pro

As the name suggests, these are fitness gloves for the real pros! During strength training and weight lifting, there can be a lot of pressure on your hands and wrists, so you would do well to protect them against strain or other injuries. The Lifting Glove Pro contains an extra wrist strap that provides optimal support without disrupting your workout. The Velcro makes them easy to put on and take off, so why not up your game with these super strong fitness gloves!?

Weight lifting gloves

We usually recommend that you don't lift too much, but when it comes to weights, this is completely out of the question. The more weights you lift, the greater the chance of damage to your wrists. These weight lifting gloves for professionals protect your wrists, but also keep your hands free to exercise with a firm grip. Looking for a weight lifting glove with a little less support? Then these fitness gloves may offer a solution.

Fitness gloves

It's becoming a real trend to work out with accessories such as fitness gloves. A positive trend of course, but you have to remember that it's important to use gloves that are of high quality and to know exactly how to use them. As a pro, we don't have to explain any of this to you, of course, and thanks to the Velcro you can change the size of the fitness glove exactly to your liking, allowing you to go for those maximum heavy weights!

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Lifting Glove Pro

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Next Level mit dem Hebehandschuh Pro

  • Fitness-Handschuh für erfahrene Kraftsportler
  • Mit stabilisierendem Handgelenkband für zusätzlichen Halt
  • Größenverstellbar dank Klettverschluss

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