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Best Massage Ball Set

Possibly one of the most compact and effective forms of do-it-yourself massage; Massage Balls! The Massage Ball Set from XXL Nutrition comprises 3 balls, each with its own hardness level. This gives you the opportunity to vary the hardness level or build up the intensity of your treatment. So the black, hardest ball is perfect for deep tissue massage and the yellow, soft ball is ideal for more sensitive areas.

Result of using the Massage Ball Set.

The use of Massage Ball is a well-known technique to relieve pain from trigger points, muscles and nerves, among other things. Moreover, it can also help to prevent injuries and improve muscle performance. Targeting problem areas can be done very easily, either standing, sitting or lying down. You can also easily take the handy training aids with you in your (sports) bag. 

Different types of massage ball

The Massage Ball Set comprises 3 balls. These have different hardness levels, each marked by their own colour and all are 5 cm in diameter. 

  • Soft (Yellow)

  • Medium (Red)

  • Hard (Black)

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Massage Ball Set

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Vary between different hardnesses for a complete do-it-yourself massage!
  • Easy kind of do-it-yourself massage
  • Set of 3 massage balls with different hardness levels.
  • Compact size and therefore easy to take with you

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