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Tired? Test whether your metabolism and red blood cell production is still functioning properly

The XXL Nutrition Essentials self-test is designed to quickly and easily understand your kidney and thyroid health as well as your iron levels. The test has been created based on the latest science and the results are reviewed and advised on by a qualified doctor. 

This is a proper medical self-test, where quality, accuracy and the privacy of your personal information are paramount. You can use the test results to work on boosting your health, for example by adding supplements to your diet.

  • Kidneys, thyroid and iron: The Essentials test measures important biomarkers, such as creatinine and CRP, which provide information on kidney function and any (minor) inflammation in the body. Iron, Ferritin, Transferrin and Transferrin saturation are also mapped, as they can reveal iron deficiency and anaemia. In terms of an over or underactive thyroid, the test looks at TSH and free T4. These are, respectively, a hormone that stimulates the thyroid and a hormone produced in the thyroid. Both are essential for proper metabolism.
  • Scientifically Substantiated: Your sample will be processed in an ISO-accredited laboratory. Each result is also validated and backed up with medical advice from a doctor.
  • Simple Home Test: The test can be easily performed at home, with a simple finger prick. A referral from your doctor is also not necessary. Send the sample to our laboratory in the free return envelope. The results will be available within 48 hours of receipt, and we'll share them with you on our secure online portal.
  • Confidential and Secure: Your medical information is in good hands and will not be shared with third parties. We meet the highest NEN and ISO standards in information security.
  • Self-management of your Health: Measuring is knowledge. Now that you have a clearer picture of your health, you can start working on adjusting your lifestyle or supplementing deficiencies with nutritional supplements.

Take control of your health with the Essentials self-test. Frequent fatigue, fluctuating weight? Test the proper functioning of your kidneys and thyroid glands, and find out if there is (minor) inflammation and iron deficiency or excess. So that you can then work on getting back to feeling fresher and healthier. 

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The proper functioning of your kidneys and thyroid is essential for a healthy metabolism. Iron levels are also important, especially for the production of red blood cells. Is something wrong? You may feel tired. Or hyper, in the case of an overactive thyroid. We have developed a self-test that helps determine how healthy your kidneys, thyroid and iron levels are through a simple finger prick.
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