premium leather glove

Premium Leather Glove

Good gear is essential to a good workout. You want to be able to challenge your body to train heavier, but not risk any strain or other injuries. That is why it’s advisable to use proper  Fitness gloves during strength training. Besides support, fitness gloves also provide extra grip, which makes for even heavier lifting. If you choose our brand-new Premium Leather Glove, you will combine optimal wrist support with extra good grip due to its high-quality leather. Your workouts will never be the same!

Fitness gloves for men and women

The Premium Leather Glove is available in 5 different sizes, and is therefore suitable for men, as well as women. The sizes range from S to XXL, so there is a fitting glove with the right support and grip for everyone.

Super strong leather fitness glove

In addition to the Pro Glove and the Pro Wrist Glove XXL Nutrition introduces a super strong fitness glove made of premium leather. Not only will your wrists be optimally supported, but they also make for perfect grip.

1 set Premium Leather gloves includes a left and right hand glove.

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Premium Leather Glove

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Extra grip and support in one! 
  • Super strong leather workout glove
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Ideal wrist support and extra good grip

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