In addition to supplements, XXL Nutrition's range also includes a lot of fun and convenient gadgets! For example, think of electric shakers, massage guns, soundpods and scales. .  Read more
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Massage Gun
Massage GunXXL Nutrition

Massage Guns

Massage Guns give your muscles the relaxation they deserve. All you need to do is place the Massage Gun on the affected muscle and slowly move back and forth. Because the Massage Guns come with different attachments, there is a suitable size for every muscle (group).

Fat Percentage Meters

With the fat percentage meters from XXL Nutrition you can easily measure how much fat there is on certain body parts. Using a handy table, you can then read which fat percentage belongs to your body. There is the possibility that you are losing fat but gaining muscle mass. The number on the scale will then give a distorted picture. Go for maximum results of your cut with our fat percentage meters!

Electric Shakers

Electric shakers with the same size as a normal shaker. Ideal for when you wish to make a lump-free and delicious shake on the road or at home. Whether you want to mix whey, amino acids or a pre-workout, it doesn't matter. Looking for a real milkshaker? No problem! XXL Nutrition can provide you with one, so that you can prepare the tastiest Protein Milkshakes.

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