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Home Workout

Home Workout
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Resistance Bands Pro
Jump Rope
Jump RopeXXL Nutrition
Medicine Ball
Medicine BallXXL Nutrition
Hand Gripper
Hand GripperXXL Nutrition
Core Training Wheels
Massage Ball - 12.8 cm
Yoga mat  - Black - 8mm
Wrist Roller
Wrist RollerXXL Nutrition
Liquid Grip Chalk
Liquid Grip ChalkXXL Nutrition
BFR Bands
BFR BandsXXL Nutrition
Barbell Pad
Barbell PadXXL Nutrition
Cable Pulley
Cable PulleyXXL Nutrition

Waist Trainer

Everyone knows it. That annoying pain in the lower back. The Waist Trainer from XXL Nutrition is the perfect solution for this! This sturdy band provides support for your core so that you can train harder without increasing the chance of injuries. For example, think of the heavy dead lift that can quickly cause back pain if your posture is not good. Tip! Also use Lifting Straps for deadlifts! In addition to the perfect support around your waist, the Waist Trainer also offers help when you want to lose weight. Because of the wide band, perspiration on the abdomen is promoted, which contributes to the metabolism. 

Jump rope

Are you not a fan of running, cycling or any other form of cardio? How about buying a jump rope! With the Smartrope Rookie or Smartrope Pure, you can easily track your calories, jumps and times of your workout. In combination with the SmartRope App, you have the ideal sports jump rope in your hands! 

Foam Roller

Training tools do not only need to be available during your training. Foam rolling, for example, is a popular recovery method to reduce muscle pain or to warm up your muscles. The Foam Roller comes in 3 parts so that you can perform your massages accurately and purposefully. If you are looking for a more advanced way of muscle repair and massage, consider our Massage Gun!

Training stomach muscles

A strong core and well-developed abdominal muscles are very important, and with the Ab Roller from XXL Nutrition, your workout is on a roll! In addition to your planks, sit-ups and all other well-known abdominal muscle exercises, you work on firm abdominal muscles with the Ab Roller. The roller has a wide design so that you do not lose your balance, and it comes with a comfortable knee mat so that you do not develop problems with your knees.

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