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Fat Calipers

A good diet starts with a good meal plan. Such a plan is based on your body and thus also your fat percentage. Nowadays there are scales that can indicate your body fat for you.  Read more
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Measuring is knowing, so as long as you are not taking measurements, you will also not know how your fat loss is going. A skin fold gauge is a handy tool to measure your fat percentage.

Measuring fat percentage

The fat percentage is used to determine how much of your body weight consists of fat mass. By measuring this, you know if you are actually losing fat or if you are losing muscle mass for which you have worked so hard. But how do you calculate your fat percentage? A skin fold gauge is the handiest tool to measure your fat percentage. In addition, skin fold measurement is one of the most reliable methods to measure your fat percentage. That requires some expertise. Read the blog here with tips on how to measure your fat percentage yourself. Make sure that you always measure in exactly the same place! That way, you know if you are really getting closer to your goal!

A healthy percentage varies per gender and per age category. Below we healthy fat percentages for both women and men.

Fat percentage measurement woman

According to CZ, these values are a healthy fat percentage for women.

20 - 39 years 21% - 33%

40 - 59 years 33% - 34%

> 60 years 24% - 36%

Fat percentage measurement man

According to CZ, these values are a healthy fat percentage for men.

20 - 39 years 7% - 20%

40 - 59 years 10% - 22%

> 60 years 12% - 25%

Lowering the fat percentage

By eating the right food, exercising enough and using any supportive products, you can reduce your fat percentage. Find out which diet suits your lifestyle best, because every body is different, and everyone has his or her own preferences! A common mistake people make is to eat much less and starve themselves, but this is not good for burning fat. Make sure you stay around 500 cal daily below your maintenance needs. For example, do not have a normal mayonnaise but a light variant of it. In addition, exercise is extremely important. Go to the gym, cycle to work, take a walk on break or go for a run. Make sure you get more exercise and therefore burn more calories. If you would like additional support, fat burners are a good addition to your diet.

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