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For many, weight is a commonly used measure to monitor progress. Check out our range of scales here! . Read more
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Go for professional measurement at home, and examine not only your weight, but also your fat percentage, body composition, BMI and your calorie needs, for example.

Personal scale for home use

Your weight can offer insight into whether you're on the right track to achieving your goals. Are you working towards weight loss? Then you can quickly and easily see whether you're losing weight and whether your calorie-restricted diet is paying off. Are you bulking and trying to gain weight? This, too, can be revealed easily by stepping on the scale.

Body composition over weight

Besides checking your weight for insight into goals such as losing and gaining weight, it is also important to look at your body composition. For bodybuilders, scales often indicate that they are overweight, whereas they can have a very low fat percentage and a very high muscle mass. So don't just look at the weight on the scale, but also at the amount of fat, muscle and fluid in your body.

Segmental body composition measurement

Will you go all the way and opt for a professional measurement? Then take a look at the segmental measurement of an advanced home scale. This will give you a clear impression of the muscles in your core, arms and legs. This way, you can clearly see which muscle groups you could pay more attention to achieve even better results.


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