vitamine d spray

Vitamin D Spray

Just spray and go - that's how convenient our Vitamin D Spray is. One spray equals one dose, giving you a whopping 62.5 µg of Vitamin D. This is an easy way to prevent Vitamin D deficiencies without having to take capsules. Plus, we've given our Vitamin D Spray a delicious minty flavour, so you can combine your vitamin boost with fresh breath.

Vitamin D supplement

To get enough Vitamin D, you can do several things. For example, you can eat oily fish, such as herring, salmon and mackerel, or make sure you get enough sunlight to produce the necessary Vitamin D. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys eating fatty fish, and if you do, it requires large amounts to satisfy your increased Vitamin D needs. And, unfortunately, we live in the wrong country to get enough from sunlight. That's why it's really recommended to get Vitamin D from a supplement, and it doesn't get much easier than one spray a day.

The benefits of Vitamin D

The list of benefits of Vitamin D is too long to share in its entirety, but we have listed the most important ones for you:

  • Vitamin D promotes normal/good calcium levels in the blood


  • Vitamin D supports bone health


  • Vitamin D helps in the cell division process


  • Vitamin D helps the immune system


  • Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of muscles

Usage and Dosage

Take 1 spray per day.


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XXL Nutrition

Vitamin D Spray

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The easiest way to meet your vitamin D needs

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  • Meet your daily Vitamin D requirement with just one spray
  • One pack is enough for over 5 months
  • With ultra-fresh mint flavour

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