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Multi Vitamins

Undeniably good for the body: get enough vitamins in your system. Which you can get from fruit and vegetables.  Read more
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Unmistakable for a healthy body: get plenty of vitamins. You can get them by eating a varied diet and, of course, getting enough fruits and vegetables. But it is not always easy to eat healthy, and how can you be sure that you are getting everything you need? This can be easily accomplished by taking multivitamin supplements. In particular, athletes need more vitamins and minerals than non-athletes. XXL Nutrition has a broad range of unique, high-quality multivitamins for both men and women.

Women's Multivitamin 

When your body has less resistance, for example when changing seasons or when you just don't feel so good, your body can use some extra help. XXL Nutrition has a very extensive range of separate vitamins, think for example vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin K. In addition, we have developed a very complete multivitamin for women. Because the needs of women differ from those of men, this Women's Multivit contains more vitamin C, and we have added folic acid and manganese, among other things.

Men's Multivitamin 

We have put together a Performance Vitamin Pack especially for men. It consists of 30 sachets containing seven capsules and tablets with carefully formulated vitamins. For example, vitamin B, vitamin C, Omegas and a blend of amino acids. Compiled into a powerful blend that gives your health a boost.

What is the best multivitamin?

To the question of what is best for good health, we can only give one answer: sufficient exercise, healthy and varied food, sufficient sleep and as little alcohol and drugs as possible. Of course we understand that this is not always possible and therefore supplements such as multivitamin can give your health a boost. Our best-selling multivitamin comes as a handy effervescent tablet and is balanced for athletes. Take a look at our Time Released Multivit. These are capsules with a high dose of vitamins and minerals and, unlike an effervescent tablet, have a slow release.

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