Refillable storage container for the endurance athlete

Do you regularly use dietary supplements, such as creatine, pre workout and protein powder? Then your kitchen cupboards must be full of pots and bags. By using our small storage container, you can keep your kitchen uncluttered whilst also creating a sleek look. Instead of all those individual pots and bags, store your supplements in the XXL Nutrition storage container with its minimalist black design and red accents.

XXL Nutrition storage containers not only make your kitchen a lot tidier and neater, they are also perfect for the endurance athletes among us. Use our metal storage container instead of ordering individual pots every time. In fact, our storage containers are refillable and eliminate unnecessary plastic waste. 

XXL Nutrition Storage containert with different capacities

Storge container small - 0.9 L capacity - good for approx. 250-300g of powder

Storge container medium - 1.6 L capacity - good for approx. 500g powder

Storge container large - 2.7 L capacity - good for approx. 1000g of powder


Ideal for storing your pre workout, bcaa powder or protein. No more ugly pots all over your worktop with all kinds of supplements. Get the small storage container and give your kitchen a neat, sleek look. 


Please note: the storage containers are made of metal and are not dishwasher safe.

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Fed up with all those different pots and sachets of supplements? The XXL Nutrition Storage container will give your kitchen a sleek, uniform look. These attractive black and red containers hold 0.9L - 1.6L - 2.7L. This is enough for 300g - 500g - 1000g of powder, making it ideal for storing your pre-workout or proteins!
  • Beautiful black and red design
  • Store your pre-workout or proteins, among other things, in our storage container
  • Sustainable: use our refillable containers
  • Made of strong metal
  • 3 different formats

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