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weight gainers

Weight Gainers

If you want to gain weight healthily with the goal to obtain more muscle mass, a weight gainer is the product for you.  Read more
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Complex Carb Gainer
Complex Carb GainerXXL Nutrition
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Weight Gainer
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Natural Vegan Gainer

If you want to arrive in a healthy way with the aim of building more muscle mass, then a weight gainer is the product for you! Our weight gainers are composed of the best ingredients and contain (no unnatural) only natural additives. You can choose from different flavours so that you can make a delicious shake to gain weight in no time, or of course as a meal replacement (replacement for a meal).

Weight gainer shakes

A weight gainer shake is ideal for people who have difficulty gaining weight, called hard gainers. Of course, nothing is so frustrating as when you do your best in the gym every day but don't see any results over time. With a weight gainer shake, you can get plenty of calories in an easy and healthy way. These shakes consist of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and high-quality proteins. When you choose our Complex Carb Gainer, you are guaranteed a high-quality weight gainer that is not full of sugar.

Tips to gain weight

As you have been able to read above, a weight gainer shake is a tried and tested way to gain weight. Of course, you can also gain healthy weight in other ways. Ultimately, the goal is to take in more calories than you burn. You can do this by eating more nuts and seeds, for example. If you eat a large handful of almonds or cashew nuts every day, you will eat considerably more healthy fats. Another tip is our MCT oil. This oil contains 225 cal per 30 ML, and you can easily add it to, for example, your protein shake. As a last tip, we have oatmeal bars. Our oat bar is delicious to eat and contains no less than 460 cal per bar. Be warned, they are so good that if you continue to eat them, you may take in too many calories.

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