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XXL Fitness Wrist Wraps

Are you looking for sturdy wrist wraps to support your wrists during heavy strength exercises? We have the top quality XXL Wrist Wraps for you, just as you are used to from us. You notice when you train harder and harder that your wrists have to endure more and more. With the wrist wraps you provide optimal support so that you are less likely to suffer from a wrist injury. In addition, they ensure a better power transfer. Which means that if you keep your wrists straight during the exercises, less power is lost and you can lift heavier.

Wrist wraps, fitness wraps

The wrist wraps, fitness wraps or whatever you want to call them, are easy to put on with the Velcro and are a fit for every wrist. They are tight so that you can perform your training without discomfort. Make sure you don't do them too tightly, as this prevents the blood from flowing to your hands and you lose grip strength. As you can read in the reviews, we have a good price-quality ratio and, even with intensive use, they have a long life. It is therefore not surprising that our wrist wraps are a popular product among professional athletes. We have already made many athletes happy with the strong material and the good support.

Exercises with the wrist wrap

Of course you wonder: What exercises can you perform with the wrist wrap? What they are mainly used for are exercises such as: clean and jerk, bench press, overhead press and snatch. You could also use it for the deadlift, but we also have the Lifting Straps for that.

The wrist wraps are easy to roll up and put away in your duffle bag. So there is still enough space left for your shaker, your towel and your power belt.

1 set of wrist wraps consists of a left and right wristband. Preferably wash the Wrist Wraps by hand to avoid damaging the Velcro.

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Wrist Wraps - 1 Set

88 Reviews
of top quality, just as you are used to from us!
  • Super sturdy!
  • Gives your wrists optimal support
  • Use the wrist wraps and less power is lost
  • Easy to put on with Velcro
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