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Power Blender

Powerful, solid and easy-to-use is the best way to describe this blender. Sounds good? It really is! You can even blend deep-frozen fruit without difficultly thanks to its powerful motor, and it's 1.5 liter volume means it's easy to make delicious supplies. This accessory is an absolute must for your kitchen.

Make delicious smoothies in a blender

Both the motor and the blades of this blender are so powerful that you can blend even the hardest of vegetables. This means that the blender is not only suitable, for example, for protein shakes but you can also easily add raw vegetables or frozen fruit for extra vitamins (hallo smoothie!). Do you want an iced coffee and do you need crushed ice? No problemo, just add ice cubes and use the pulse setting.

Power with 5 settings

As well as the 'standard' setting for making protein shakes or milkshakes, for example, there are another 4 settings: hard veg, medium fruit, soft veg and soft fruit. This is how you adjust the blender's intensity and make a super delicious shake or smoothie in next to no time.


Note: The blender will not turn on until the lid is properly attached to the glass jar

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Powerful, solid and easy-to-use!
  • Powerful blender with 5 different settings
  • 1.5 liter capacity
  • For delicious protein shakes and smoothies

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