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How a healthy diet affects your gameplay
How a healthy diet affects your gameplay

How a healthy diet affects your gameplay

  • Reading time: 8 min.

We all know the basics of following a healthy diet - eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and don't consume too many heavily processed foods. But can you really improve your gameplay by making some simple everyday changes? For sure, and we’ll tell you how.

Providing your body with the right nutrition will help maintain your overall energy levels, therefore increasing your mental focus and concentration throughout the day.

Consume enough protein

You might be thinking that following a high-protein diet is only for fitness fanatics, but every gamer can benefit from ensuring they’re eating a reasonable amount of protein within their meals and snacks. Protein can help to improve your stamina, allowing you to focus and maintain the best performance throughout even the longest gaming sessions. Especially when you’re attending a weekend-long LAN where the food options can be limited, taking some high-protein snacks with you such as our N’Joy Protein Bars can help you remain at your best.

Make sure you hydrate well

As well as taking steps to improve your diet, being properly hydrated has a direct impact on your focus and will reduce symptoms of mental fatigue. If you’re dehydrated whilst gaming, your reaction speed and decision-making skills are both negatively impacted - even if you don’t notice that you’re dehydrated. No matter whether you’re at work, school, or gaming, by making sure you always have a fresh drink by your side you’ll be much more likely to stay in top form and impress your peers.

By making a conscious choice to maintain a balanced diet and incorporating healthier options in your daily lifestyle, your overall gameplay will be improved along with your focus, concentration and enjoyment.

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