cafeine spray

Caffein Spray

Welcome to the best of both worlds: the energy boost without the coffee. The boost, but not the energy drink and its calories. In other words: the energy boost from a simple spray! With this Caffein Spray, you can take a very high dose of caffein when it suits you. Each spray contains 5 mg of caffein, so even if you have a little caffein, this spray is perfect!

Caffein supplement

For those of us who don't like coffee, or who don't like drinking it throughout the day, there are, of course, countless caffein supplements on offer. Capsules, tablets, chewing gum, drinks etc. However, these all have one thing in common - with one serving you are often already at the level of an espresso, i.e. approximately 70 grams of caffein. With a caffein content of 5 mg per spray, the Caffein Spray allows you to decide exactly how big your energy boost should be.

Caffein without coffee

Let's be honest, caffein is simply inseparable from coffee. Now you can also enjoy the benefits of caffein, but with an ultra-fresh grapefruit flavour. So you no longer need mouth fresheners before your workout, but you can start your workout with a nice fresh taste.

Usage and Dosage

Take 1 to 10 sprays at any time during the day. Never take more than 40 sprays a day.

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Caffeine Spray

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The energy boost from a simple spray!

BB 30-05-2024
  • Simply spray for an energy boost
  • With 5 mg caffein per spray
  • In fresh grapefruit flavour

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