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cellulite cups

Cellulite Cups

Cellulite is a common phenomenon of which anyone can experience the negative effects. It’s something little can be done for. You have undoubtedly already tried exercising frequently and drinking plenty of water. The main places cellulite occurs are the legs, buttocks, stomach, arms, and calves. To effectively treat every body area, we introduce Cellulite Cups: a set of four cups in different sizes, to make sure they are applicable to many different body parts. Optimally take care of your body.

What are Cellulite Cups?

Cellulite Cups are flexible cups which, by vacuuming, pull loose the outer layer of the skin from the legs or stomach for example. This may sound painful but it’s not. This method tries to improve the blood circulation in your skin, which releases body waste via blood circulation.

How do you use Cellulite Cups?

Apply a generous amount of massage oil onto the skin to make sure the cups can easily move over your skin. Add eucalyptus oil for a warm effect or try peppermint oil for a cool effect. Press the top of the cup and place it on the skin, allowing the cup to make it vacuum. Then move the cups over the skin in a zigzagging motion. Always make sure to move your way up from the bottom.

How often do you use Cellulite Cups?

Are you just starting out using Cellulite Cups? We advise to start with three times a week, 10 minutes per body part. Make sure to always keep at least a day between using the cups. After about a week or five you can start using the cups two times a week for 5 minutes at a time. After a week or two you will eventually be able to use them once a week for 5 minutes at a time to maintain your results.


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Cellulite Cups

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Set of 4 cups in different sizes!
  • Set of 4 cups in different sizes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Full treatment in only a couple of minutes a week

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