digitale keukenweegschaal

Digital kitchen scale

Everyone has their preferred ratios when it comes to meals. Think of the ratio between oats and milk, or between protein powder and water . If you try and do this on estimation, it will inevitably turn out wrong occasionally, and you will end up with a watery shake. That’s all in the past with XXL Nutrition’s introduction of the digital kitchen scale. This affordable digital kitchen scale will tell you the weight on the scale accurate to the decimal. It will last a long time due to the use of sustainable materials. You can easily switch between different units and by using the touchscreen, you can prepare English recipes as well. Fact remains: ‘measuring is knowing’, which is now incredibly easy!

Keep track of macros

Not only is the digital kitchen scale ideal for the optimal ratio of meals, it also accurately tracks your macros. You will know exactly If It Fits Your Macros. The scale can manage up to 3 kilos which makes it ideal for big eaters as well.

Kitchen scale with tare function

Because sturdy materials such as plastic have been used to make this kitchen scale, it will last a long time. Additionally, the kitchen scale has a tare function, which means you can put it back to 0 while weighing. It is also suitable for liquid ingredients because of the included removable scale.


Easily turn the kitchen scale on by pressing the touchscreen and select your preferred unit. If you prefer using a plate instead of the included bow, place it on the kitchen scale before turning it on.

The statutory warranty period of 6 months applies to this product

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Digital Kitchen Scale

3 Reviews
  • Precise kitchen scale which displays the weight after the decimal comma
  • Easily put the weight back to zero during weighing by using the tare function
  • Has a maximum capacity of no less than 3 kilos

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