Without proper hydration, there is no good training. A lack of fluids can lead to dizziness and gastrointestinal problems, so make sure you hydrate properly to keep your energy levels up. . Read more
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You can't train well without hydration. It's easy to bring a water bottle with you to the gym, but it's a lot harder to bring enough to drink when you go running. Dehydration can leave you feeling dizzy or cause stomach and bowel issues, so make sure you stay properly hydrated for optimal performance.

Why hydrate?

Fluids play an important role in all our bodily functions, and our need for fluids only increases under exertion. But only drinking water is not enough. When you sweat you lose both fluids and minerals, so in order to hydrate properly you need to replenish both. There's a further distinction to be made between products which only contain fluids and minerals, and products which also contain energy in the form of carbohydrates.

How to hydrate?

There are various ways to hydrate optimally. Do you want to restrict your calorie intake? Then, for example, you can use mineral water or Hydrate Tabs. Do you want to consume energy as well as fluids and minerals? Then, for example, you can use a ready-made Iso Tonic Drink or make your own IsoTonic.

Isotonic sports drink

When you choose an isotonic sports drink, you choose a drink that can be optimally absorbed by your body. This is because the composition of minerals and fluids in an isotonic sports drink matches the composition of our bodies. This allows you to maintain your fluid balance and prevent feelings of weakness or dizziness.

How can I hydrate during endurance sports?

Hydration is important regardless of what sport you do. It's a lot easier to provide for in the gym: put a water bottle in your bag and grab it at need. Taking a water bottle with you when biking is mostly manageable too, but it's a lot harder when you go running. You can then opt, for example, for a hydration belt with little bottles to wear around your hips, or a CamelBak with a drinking tube that you wear on your back. Does neither option appeal or do you want to practice drinking before making a purchase? Then run a smaller loop and place a water bottle along your route, so that you can stop and drink regularly.

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