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Meal Replacement

XXL Nutrition offers a wide range of meal replacement products.  Read more
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Diet Shake
Diet ShakeXXL Nutrition
Delicious Breakfast
Delicious BreakfastXXL Nutrition
Delicious Pancakes
Delicious PancakesXXL Nutrition
Protein Oat Meal
Protein Oat MealXXL Nutrition
Ready-to-eat chicken fillet
Complete Food Drink
Complete Food DrinkXXL Nutrition
Ready to eat salmon
Ready to eat salmonXXL Nutrition
Delicious Pancake Deal Small
XXL's keuze
Complex Carb Gainer
Complex Carb GainerXXL Nutrition

Meal replacement shakes

Meal replacement shakes are very popular on various diets and also easy when you don't have time to make a balanced meal for yourself. You want to have exactly the right amounts of macros, so you can get all the nutrients your body needs. So it can be a good addition when you do a lot of sports or want to lose weight.

Best meal replacement

The best meal replacement to have for losing weight is our Diet Shake. Thanks to the composition of the high-quality ingredients, this has been our number 1 meal replacement for years! The Diet Shake contains a perfect ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, supplemented with CLA, green tea extract and L-Carnitine. These are popular ingredients used by athletes worldwide in periods of fat loss. With Diet Shake, you have all these ingredients in one product! 

Slimming down with meal replacements

When you want to lose weight with meal replacements, make sure that you do so on a regular basis. Replacing one of your main daily meals on an energy-restricted diet with a meal replacement product helps to maintain weight after weight loss. Replacing two main daily meals on an energy-restricted diet with a meal replacement product contributes to weight loss. Be disciplined and strict with yourself, only then can you achieve the best results.

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