When you use XXL Nutrition products, you are assured that they are made from the best quality raw materials and that they are free of prohibited substances and contaminants. Read More

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For professional top athletes, however, additional certainty is required, which is where the Security System for Nutritional Supplements for Top Athletes (WADA, World Anti-Doping Agency) comes in.

WADA provides top athletes 100% certainty that the supplements they use are doping-free. All products in this category that include the WADA logo provide this guarantee.

According to the doping authority, the risk of contamination with doping substances only applies to food supplements in powder, pill and capsule form. In the case of sports nutrition (such as bars, gels and ready-to-use sports drinks), the risk of contamination is virtually nil. This sports nutrition is thus not subject to an inspection obligation of the WADA. A number of products that we believe are highly suitable for top athletes are also in this category, but are therefore not provided with the WADA logo.