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Purchasing a Foam Roller

Improve your recovery and training by using the Foam Roller from XXL Nutrition! Foam rolling is a popular recovery method and is used to alleviate muscle pain, increase flexibility and warm up the muscles, among other things. It can even help loosen trigger points! Self-Myofascial Release, another name for foam rolling, is an alternative therapy that treats pain and inflexibility of the skeletal muscles by helping them relax and it improves the blood circulation. So, an training aid with plenty of benefits!

Solid Foam Roller

The Foam Roller from XXL Nutrition is made of solid foam with a unique pattern of pressure points. Through these nubs, more pressure is placed on the muscle tissue. This makes the Foam Roller perfect for leg muscles, buttocks and even the upper back. Are you looking for a roller for the slightly smaller muscle groups?  Then also check out our Massage Roller

Using a Foam Roller

Lie on your back and put the Foam Roller under your body. Make sure that the Roller is in the middle of your body and start rolling. Try to relax your body and find a comfortable position so that you don't feel any pain. Divide your body into three areas (legs, buttocks and back) and work from top to bottom or vice versa. The Foam Roller loosens up thickened soft muscle tissue, which leads to more freedom of movement. So you can easily address problem areas and loosen any stuck muscles!

Foam Roller size

The Foam Roller is 36 cm in length and 13.5 cm in diameter. 

Weight: 900 grams


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Foam Roller

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Increase your flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and warm up your muscles!
  • Unique pattern of pressure points
  • Made of solid foam

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