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Green Juice

Fruit and vegetables: although we all know how important it is to get enough of these two foods, sometimes it can still be difficult to achieve the daily recommended amount. Whether this is due to lack of time or because there is an UberEats delivery person at your front door every night; the solution is easier than you think! With our Green Juice, you can provide your body with the most valuable nutrients on a daily basis without undergoing a drastic change in your lifestyle. 

Start your day off well

Healthy and varied eating are the basis of a fit body. Of course, it is always best to get the necessary nutrients from your daily diet, but on some days, this is simply not feasible. With one helping of Green Juice, you are getting an instant dose of vitamins, minerals, fibre and superfoods that your body will thank you for!  Make your morning about you and start the day with a deliciously healthy, green juice! Green Juice contains vegetables and fruits like broccoli, mango, kiwi, kale, banana, cherry and many others.  Additionally, one serving of Green Juice only contains 46 calories, making the goodness fit into any diet. Healthy and responsible!

Contains 25 different vitamins & minerals

We have created a Green Juice specially for all health freaks, made up of no less than 25 vitamins and minerals. Be mindful of your body by getting important nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin D and magnesium daily. For example, Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, Vitamin B12 promotes energy metabolism and Vitamin D increases calcium absorption in bones. 

Recommended use

Take 1 dose (4 scoops = 20 grams of powder) daily with 200 ml of drink of your choice. Mix this preferably in a shaker. You can also mix Green Juice in your shake, smoothie, cottage cheese or soup.

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Green Juice - 500 grams

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Start your day off well with Green Juice; rich in important vitamins & minerals that your body will thank you for!
  • Packed with healthy vitamins & minerals
  • Perfect for optimising your daily nutrition

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