Kettlebells are a must-have training accessory for strength trainers of all levels. Maybe you are just starting out or coming back from an injury? Then the low weight kettlebells are ideal. Are you more advanced, or do you like to work towards a certain training weight? If so, make it as challenging as you want with kettlebells of up to 32 kg! Thanks to the flat base, it is easy to put the kettlebells down; the rubber base not only gives it a stylish look, but also ensures that you don't damage your floor.

Kettlebells for home use from 2 to 32 kg

The weight of the kettlebell is clearly displayed at the front, so you can always see at a glance which one you need. They are compact in size, so they are ideal for the guest room or under the bed, for example. As the weights range from 2 kg to 32 kg, there is a suitable weight for everyone that perfectly matches their training needs.

What exercises can you do with a kettlebell?

Many people are familiar with kettlebell swings - an exercise that involves swinging the kettlebell with two hands and that mainly trains the lower back. But if you perform this swing with one hand, you are instantly targeting other muscle groups, such as chest, abdomen and shoulders. Did you know that you can also do the following exercises perfectly, and make them more challenging, with kettlebells?

  • Split squats

  • Windmills

  • Thrusters

  • Floor presses

  • Rows

  • Situps

  • Russians twists

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The kettlebell for any level

  • Loose kettlebell suitable for any home gym
  • Available in weight between 2 and 32 kg
  • Sleek look due to the combination of rubber and iron

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