Swim Shorts

There’s no doubt you want to stand out with your fancy sportswear in the gym, but on the beach or by the pool, a nice pair of swimming trunks is just as important when it comes to showing off your sweet summer body. Read more

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    XXL Sportswear

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Swimming trunks

There are a lot of different swimming trunks available, but as a sporty person, you want to show off your beautiful body in a nice pair of trunks, of course. Well, excellent timing, we have recently introduced our XXL Sportswear swimming trunks! And you can expect the same quality of fabric you’ve become used to from us, featuring sleek designs with subtle prints.

Men's swimming trunks

Comfy inner shorts, supple fabric and a beautiful design. Those are the minimum requirements you should expect from men's swimming trunks. But how cool would it be if your trunks gave you a sporty look as well? Of course, a muscular body speaks for itself, but you can complete the package with a nice and sporty pair of men’s swimming trunks. You won't just steal the show at the gym, but also at the chill pool party or beach club.

From the gym directly to the pool in your swimming trunks

Our swimming trunks are of such quality that you can even use them for a workout. So is there an outdoor gym next to your beach? Then you can immediately get into the sea right after your workout, without having to change first. Want to minimise the amount of clothes you take on holiday, leaving enough room for new purchases? Then the Hybrid Swimming Trunks are ideal, because they can be used both as workout pants and swimming trunks.

Buying swimming trunks

Buying a pair of swimming trunks has never been easier. Our extensive size chart shows you exactly which size is right for you, so order your swimming trunks together with your sports nutrition and you'll be ready for the beach in no time. Of course, all our trunks are designed to show off your body, so they have plenty of room for those upper legs you've been working out lately.