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matcha 100 veggiecaps


Are you curious about what matcha can do for you and your health? From now on you can easily apply this herbal supplement in your lifestyle, because our capsules are completely ready and provide you with no less than 500 mg of pure matcha tea powder per serving. All you have to do is take one to three capsules a day with water, and you've already got your matcha dose. 

Matcha tea

You may know all the products available with matcha; tea and lattes are often on the menu as a matcha variant at coffee shops and restaurants. This development is of course great, but due to the taste of matcha, this does not work for everyone. That's why we've created a matcha supplement in capsule form, so you can just take it with water without sacrificing the taste of a drink or a smoothie.

What is matcha?

Matcha is tea powder from Japan that is made by grinding the tea leaves into powder. What makes it so special is actually the process that precedes this, because before the tea plants are harvested, they are first grown in the shade for two to three weeks. The purpose of this is that the plants have to work extra hard because of the shade, so that they contain more nutrients. And those are exactly the nutrients we have in our high-dose capsules.

Use and dosage

Take one to three capsules per day, taken with water.

XXL Nutrition

Matcha - 100 veggiecaps

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Discover the benefits of Matcha
  • High-dose matcha supplement
  • 100 servings per pack
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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