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Nutrition & Drinks

Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, XXL Nutrition offers a wide range of protein rich foods.  Read more
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XXL's keuze
N'Joy Protein Drink
N'Joy Protein DrinkXXL Nutrition
Diet Shake
Diet ShakeXXL Nutrition
XXL's keuze
Light Sauce
Light SauceXXL Nutrition
Venom Pre-Workout Drink
Delicious Breakfast
Delicious BreakfastXXL Nutrition
0% Syrup
0% SyrupXXL Nutrition
Delicious Protein Spread
IsoTonic Pro
IsoTonic ProXXL Nutrition
Protein Nut Bar
Protein Nut BarXXL Nutrition
XXL's keuze
Complex Carb Gainer
Complex Carb GainerXXL Nutrition
Light Fruit Spread - 235 gram
Energize! Sugar Free Energy Drink

Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, XXL Nutrition offers a wide range of protein rich foods. These meals and drinks can be used in both cases. Products such as low calorie, rich in protein snacks, healthy meals, complete meal substitutes and meal shakes. All our food and drinks are carefully composed to ensure great flavour and good nutritional value. Our products get tested frequently which makes for the highest possible quality.

The best meal substitute?

A meal substitute is suitable for everyone since they can be consumed wherever and whenever. If you are too busy to eat lunch because you are on the go, a meal shake is perfect to ensure you get the nutrition you need. Our Complex Carb Gainer for instance. This shake consists of complex carbohydrates and is rich in protein and minerals. This way you do not have to worry about getting too little calories and quality nutrition.

Enjoying low-calorie meals?

If you work out frequently, and for instance want to consume less calories during a cut phase, but still want to enjoy delicious meals, XXL Nutrition offers many tasty low-calorie products. We offer great tasting light sauces with less than 5 calories per portion. We also have a variety of herbs and spices, all without preservatives and unnatural flavourings. XXL Nutrition has products for every moment of the day to complete your meal and make it as delicious as possible.

What are healthy snacks?

If you want a healthy snack, fruit and vegetables are an option. But let’s be honest, everyone wants a piece of chocolate, some chips or nuts occasionally. XXL Nutrition has a variety of delicious, responsible snacks such as our Protein Bites or tasty seeds and nuts. These dry roasted cashews, walnuts or a mix are an excellent healthy snack. They are a source of healthy fats and essential in a good diet.

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