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In the Netherlands, a sandwich is a popular lunch meal, which results in many sandwich spread options. Read more
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Delicious Protein Spread
Light Fruit Spread - 235 gram
Natural Peanut Butter

Unfortunately, many products on the market appear to be a responsible choice, while in reality, they contain a lot of sugars, fats and added flavourings. At XXL Nutrition, we have various types of bread toppings that you can eat with confidence! 

Healthy bread toppings

For lunch, of course, you can go for a healthy wrap, but the most popular meal for lunch still remains: sandwiches! Are you a sandwich eater like the rest of the Netherlands? But would you like to make it healthier than the typical white bread with cheese? Then choose our Protein Bread as your starting point. Would you like to go for savoury? Then choose, for example, lettuce, chicken and Teriyaki sauce. Do you have a sweet tooth? But you want to keep it healthy? Then choose the Light Fruit Spread, the Delicious Protein Spread or our delicious Protein Peanut Butter.

Vegan bread toppings

At XXL Nutrition, we always keep a close eye on demand in the market. The demand for vegan products is increasing and thus also the demand for vegan bread toppings. If you have a vegan lifestyle and would also like to take sandwiches with you for lunch, then choose our Light Fruit Spread. Do you have more of a taste for nuts? Then we have the super tasty Natural Peanut Butter for you. Both consist entirely of vegetable products, so that you can also enjoy your sandwich with peanut butter.

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