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Can't get enough of padel and looking for a new racket that will take your skills to the next level? Then the XXL Nutrition Padel Racket is the perfect choice for you! This advanced racket is designed for intermediate to advanced players seeking precision, power and control.

Will the XXL Nutrition Padel Racket suit me?
There are several factors to consider when buying a padel racket, such as shape of the racket head, weight and material. Wondering if XXL Nutrition's Padel Racket is right for you? Here are its features:

The shape of the racket head for power, control and playing comfort

The XXL Nutrition Padel Racket has a teardrop shape (15 degree), which helps you create a great deal of speed and control when hitting the ball. The teardrop shape is often used by intermediate to advanced players who like to play offensively.

In this padel racket, the sweet spot is high up in the racket's head. When you hit the ball precisely on this spot, you will enjoy the best combination of power and control in your shots.

Create power with the weight

The Padel Racket weighs between 360 and 370 grams and is considered an average-weight racket. This may affect your playing style and preferences. Heavier rackets can generate more power, while lighter rackets are easier to handle and offer more control.

The material for firmness and flexibility

The padel racket is made of two materials: 50% carbon and 50% fibreglass. This makes for a good balance. The carbon makes the racket sturdy and powerful, while the fibreglass provides flexibility and helps absorb shock.

Includes luxury protective cover

The Padel Racket can be neatly stored in its protective cover during matches. This luxurious cover, made of high-quality Oxford Cloth, will keep the racket in top condition for longer, so all you have to worry about is perfecting your shots!

Buy Padel Racket from XXL Nutrition

We have been at the forefront of quality and innovation within the sports industry for many years.  Order your Padel Racket before 10pm, and it will be shipped today, our fast and reliable delivery means you'll soon be able to enjoy our products.

XXL Nutrition

Padel Racket - Performance Series

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Be the star on the padel court with the XXL Nutrition Padel Racket - specially designed to make your rallies even more powerful and transform the court into your personal playing field. Suitable for both intermediate and advanced players, offering the perfect balance between power and control!
  • Druppelvorm (15 degree): ideaal voor gemiddelde tot gevorderde spelers die graag aanvallend spelen
  • Ruime sweet spot hoog in het blad
  • Gewicht tussen 360 en 370 gram - de perfecte balans tussen kracht en controle
  • Gemaakt van 50% carbon en 50% glasvezel - stevig, krachtig en buigzaam
  • Inclusief luxe beschermhoes

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