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protein drink lactose free

Do you often crave a ready-made protein shake after a workout, but just looking at the bottle gives you a stomach ache, brings you out in a sudden eruption of spots or gives you a bloated feeling that makes your jeans look as if they are two sizes too small? Then meet Protein Drink - Lactose Free: a protein shake specially developed for anyone with an intolerance to lactose, a milk allergy or specific dietary restrictions!

Nutritional values that will make your sports heart beat faster
"Lactose-free... then the drink must compromise on nutritional values, surely?" Protein Drink - Lactose Free proves otherwise! This protein shake, like its big brother N'Joy Protein Drink, is made from the popular whey isolate: a high-quality protein powder derived from whey, a by-product of cheese production. However, this whey isolate has been so carefully filtered that it no longer contains any trace of lactose, while still retaining its other valuable properties.

For instance, each bottle of Protein Drink - Lactose Free contains a whopping 31 grams of protein, only 161 kcal and a modest 4.3 grams of sugar. Because it comes ready-to-use in a handy bottle, simply take the shake with you without the need for preparing it with a shaker or blender. The perfect drink for serious athletes like you!

A tasty treat
With Protein Drink - Lactose Free, we are proving that lactose-free shakes can be not only nutritious, but also tasty. The protein drink comes in a delicious, creamy vanilla flavour without any unnecessary sugars.

And because the bottles don't need to be stored in the fridge, you can simply take them anywhere. That said, try drinking them ice-cold straight from the fridge too. Or add some (frozen) fruit and make your own healthy milkshake in no time!

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Protein Drink - Lactose Free

4 Reviews
Discover Protein Drink - Lactose Free, the lactose-free protein shake for those who crave convenience. With 31g of protein, only 161 kcal and a delicious vanilla flavour, this shake is your perfect, ready-to-go partner for a healthy lifestyle!
  • Speciaal ontwikkeld voor sporters met lactose-intolerantie, melkallergie of dieetrestricties
  • 31g eiwit, ter ondersteuning van de spieropbouw/spierkracht/spiermassa
  • Slechts 161 kcal en 4,3g suiker per flesje
  • Gemaakt van grondig gezuiverde whey isolaat
  • Kant-en-klaar, geen shaker of blender nodig
  • Smaakvol zonder onnodige suikers

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