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Granola, the crunchy mixture existing of grains, seeds and dried fruits is many people's favorite breakfast! But although granola combined with yoghurt or quark provides a delicious breakfast, there also is a con... Most granola's found in supermarkets are extremely high in calories and exist mostly out of carbs and fats. The protein content usually exist of less than 10%, which doesn't make granola your first choice during a cutting phase. That's a shame, because many people would love to implement it in their daily dietary routines. But luckily the solution has arrived!

Taking into account these shortcomings we've developed the Delicious Protein Granola. The Delicious Protein Granola combines a delicious, crunchy Chocolate Caramel or Red Fruit flavour with excellent nutritional value due to the use of oats and various protein sources! This makes the Delicious Protein Granola suitable for every diet! Even combined with yoghurt the Delicious Protein Granola provides a protein-rich breakfast, without going overboard with the carbs and fats. To show you the quality of this product provides we've set the benefits apart:

Delicious Protein Granola contains per 100 gram:

  • 18 grams less carbohydrates*
  • 1,5 grams less sugar*
  • 10 grams less fat*
  • A whopping 29 grams more protein!*

* In comparison with the most common granola's & cereal mixtures


Mix 40 grams (4 tablespoons) of Delicious Protein Granola with your yoghurt or quark. Delicious Protein Granola is an excellent choice during breakfast, but also provides a delicous, protein-rich snack during the day.


Frequently asked questions

V) For whom is Delicious Protein Granola intended?
A) Delicious Protein Granola is intended for everyone seeking a protein-rich alternative for the common granola & cereal-mixes with mediocre nutrient values at best. It provides a protein-rich, but nevertheless just as tasty alternative!

V) Is Delicious Protein Granola also suitable during a diet phase?
A) Yes, Delicious Protein Granola is developed to have a lower carbohydrate and fat content compared to similar products. We've accomplished that, despite the significantly higher protein content. This fact support the recovery and growth of muscle tissue. The lower caloric content also makes Delicious Protein Granola perfectly suitable during a dieting/cutting phase.

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Protein Granola

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Delicious Protein Granola is a protein-rich Granola available in 2 delicious crunchy flavors
  • Granola with great nutrients!
  • Delicious Chocolate Caramel or Red Fruit flavour.
  • 36% protein!
  • Even suitable for a diet.

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