sports glove

Sports Glove

The leather inside gives you a perfect grip while working out, and thanks to the supple exterior, the glove still feels airy. Your fingers are free, so there's both a firmness in your hands and sufficient freedom of movement. The sports glove is suitable for both men and women, and in addition to a fitness glove, it is also very suitable as a cycling glove. Actually, it can more or less be used for any type of exercise or sport.

Fitness gloves

These unisex fitness gloves are an ideal workout accessory for in the gym. Because they are made of high-quality fabrics, the gloves last for a very long time. They support exactly the parts of your hands that need it. In addition, they have a cool and sporty look, so they also make you look good in the gym.

Sports glove

In addition to fitness, this sports glove is suitable for every sport you can think of that requires a glove. Mounting biking, cycling, golf; you name it, and the sports glove is suitable. Prefer a sports glove that covers your entire hand, including fingers? Then check out our Outdoor Sports Glove.

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Sports Glove

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Upgrade your workout with this super durable and sleek sports glove.

  • Unisex sports glove
  • Suitable for both fitness and cycling
  • With leather interior for a superior grip

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