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Bottles & Shakers

Bottles & Shakers
How should you take your food supplements? Correct! With a high quality shake cup or a water bottle. Read more
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Shaker - 800 ml
Shaker - 800 mlXXL Nutrition
Protein Funnel
Protein FunnelXXL Nutrition
FunnelXXL Nutrition
Hydrate Straw Bottle
Dual Shaker
Dual ShakerXXL Nutrition
Premium Pillbox
Premium PillboxXXL Nutrition
Thermo Shaker V2
Thermo Shaker V2XXL Nutrition
Coated Waterjug V2
Coated Waterjug V2XXL Nutrition
MilkshakerXXL Nutrition
Premium Shaker by Smartshake
Premium Electric Shaker
Shaker - 800 ml - Black

How should you take your food supplements? Correct! With a high quality shake cup or a water bottle. Shakers and water bottles come in different sizes and variants. For example, there are various shakers with a volume of 600ml, but there are also large shakers of 1000ml for the largest protein shakes or weight gainers. Water bottles can vary from 700ml to a huge 2200ml!

Protein shake cup

If you regularly take sports and supplements such as protein shakes, post workout shakes and weight gainers, then a good shake cup is your best friend. At XXL Nutrition, you will find a wide range of shake cups that guarantee a delicious shake without annoying lumps.

Buying shake cups

If you want to buy a new shake cup, you may not be able to see the forest through the trees. To help you get started, we are now giving you our best-selling shake cup, namely the Premium Shaker by Smartshake. Smartshake is a well-known and renowned brand when it comes to shakers. Together with Smartshake, we have developed this high-quality shaker. It is made of recycled DEHP and BPA free plastic, 100% leak-free and guarantees clump-free shakes!

Buying a water bottle

Of course, you can also use a shake cup as a water bottle. But you should ideally keep your shakes and sports drink or water separate from each other. During intensive workouts, it is important that you hydrate your body adequately, and then a good water bottle provides a solution. With XXL Nutrition, you can choose from various bottles! In addition, we also have a thermo bottle in our range. This is made of stainless steel, which prevents bad odours from getting into your bottle over time. Due to the double-walled layer, you can also use this bottle for hot drinks.

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