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fitness equipment

Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment
Besides high quality sports nutrition XXL Nutrition also offers fitness equipment! . Read more
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Abdominal Bench
Abdominal BenchXXL Nutrition
Double Hand Grip
Double Hand GripXXL Nutrition
Straight Tricep\Bicep Bar
Tricep Pushdown Grip
Single Tricep Rope
Single Tricep RopeXXL Nutrition
Single Hand Grip
Single Hand GripXXL Nutrition
Gripper Set
Gripper SetXXL Nutrition
Triceps Rope
Triceps RopeXXL Nutrition
KettlebellXXL Nutrition
CollarXXL Nutrition

Fitness equipment 

These days you can easily set up your very own home gym. It doesn't matter how much (or how little) space you have: we have suitable fitness equipment for every room. Do you have a spare room available? Then you can go crazy with your own power station. 

Home fitness equipment

It may sound like a dream to have your own gym, but it isn't really that difficult to make it a reality. You only need a little bit of room so you can move around during your workout. For example, start with some basic equipment such as a fitness bench or Lat Pulldown Machine. Not to mention, these allow you to expand endlessly. Or what about a set with different grips? Or a Double Hand Grip? With our versatile home fitness equipment for the home, you'll keep challenging yourself and working on your smallest muscle groups.  

Toned abs with fitness equipment

Toned abs: who doesn't want them? But to get those muscular abs fully visible, in addition to good nutrition, you need a proper workout. A disciplined workout, in fact. It may be a bit much to go to the gym every day and train your abs, but did you know that you can easily do this at home? With kettlebells or dumbbells, for example, adding some weight to your workout regime and allowing you to efficiently work on those abs.

Home cardio equipment

As stated before, good nutrition is very important in building visible (abdominal) muscles. However, this may result in a calorie deficit . Fortunately, with the help of cardio equipment, you won't have to worry about having to consume less food. So add some cardio to your workout, and you'll have more room to enjoy your meals while maintaining weight. Or simply use it to feel fitter and enjoy life to the fullest. 

High quality home gym

Whether you opt for strength equipment or cardio equipment, our products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality. Buying home equipment is a real investment in your own health, because with a home gym you'll be set for years. Not to mention, if you're fortunate enough to have room for a full-fledged home gym, you can also save on your gym subscription. A win-win situation!

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