Measuring equipment

Have you been keeping track of your progress? If not, it is about time. Check out the fat meters, scales and blood pressure meters here. Read more

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Measuring equipment 

To measure is... right! To know. Measure more and know more, for example whether your training approach is working and whether you're achieving your goals with adjustments in diet and training.

Fitness measuring tape

So don't just focus on the weight on the scale. Things like fluid retention due to hormones or diet, the moment when you weigh yourself and, of course, gains in muscle mass are all things that most scales lump together as: weight gain. By using a fitness tape measure, you can easily measure the size of your waist, legs and calves. And because the tape measure itself always provides equal tension and pressure, it measures the size of your body very accurately. 

Measuring fat percentage like a pro

Whether you opt for an accessible fat percentage meter, or a professional skin-fold meter like a pro: our range is so diverse that everyone can find the perfect fat percentage meter. All fat percentage meters come with a comprehensive instruction manual, telling you exactly how to measure which body parts to determine your fat percentage. Because, here too, weight doesn't always reveal everything about your body composition.

Blood pressure monitor for home use

Do you know your own blood pressure? Probably not. In most cases, it isn't necessary, but again: prevention is better than cure. After all, it is not for nothing that we're advised to measure our blood pressure regularly. Our blood pressure meters come with a handy cuff, clear instructions and a memory for 2 users. So keep a proverbial finger on the pulse with one of our blood pressure monitors.

Scales for power athletes

As stated earlier, there is so much more that determines the health of your body than just its weight. But with our scales for power athletes, you measure much more than just weight. Things like fat percentage, muscle mass and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) are all included in a single measurement. This will give you a clear indication of your body composition and allows you to make very specific adjustments where necessary.