You always need a towel if you are a regular at the gym. Instead of the thin standard towels, XXL Nutrition also offers thicker, sustainable towels. Read more

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A sports towel is not only convenient, but also super hygienic. Check out our various towels with sporty designs!

Sports towel

These days, a sports towel is indispensable in the gym. In fact, with many gyms, it is mandatory to have one with you. Of course, you don't want to walk around the gym with a big boring towel, so XXL Nutrition has developed various sporty designs for both men and women. The Gym Towel does not fall off the bench: due to the handy sleeve, it remains perfectly in place.

Microfibre towel

No one is perfect, and everyone forgets things sometimes. For example, your Gym Towel. XXL Nutrition has also thought of this and released the Last Minute Gym Towel! This sports towel can be folded so small due to the microfibres that it is in a tube that you can leave in your sports bag, car or locker. You always have a backup towel in case you forget!

Beach towel

Don't you want to be such a great Gym Towel only in the gym? Now also enjoy the XXL Beach Blanket on the beach! This extra large towel is made of 100% soft cotton. For the ladies, there is a special Miss Fitness design