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Training gloves

For anyone who is tired of calloused hands and also wants a better grip during their workout, training gloves are a convenient solution. We have men's and women's gloves that come with extra palm padding for a better grip. The Premium Leather Glove and the Glove Wrist Pro come with extra reinforcements around the wrist for even more support.

Lifting straps & Wrist wraps

Not only training gloves with extra wrist support are available, but Wrist Wraps as well, which are a great solution for weak and/or painful wrists. You give your wrists the support that they need with the Wrist Wraps from XXL Nutrition and you'll still be able to do a heavy workout! Lifting Straps are ideal for heavy sets during back exercises and/or deadlifts. Our Lifting Straps also come in different materials, such as the Leather Lifting Straps, and are suitable for every type of sportsperson.

Training Belts

Looking for extra support for your core during heavy exercises like squats and/or deadlifts? Then a workout belt is definitely for you! A fitness belt or Powerbelt is often used when the lower back is put under heavy strain. The workout belts are available in different materials and sizes, and we also have a special Women's Workout Belt for female sporters. Often, a more flexible belt is chosen for squats. This belt is made of neoprene. Are you looking for a tough workout belt for deadlifts? Then the Premium Lifting Belt is perfect for you!