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The fanatic athletes use them weekly: training aids. Read more

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  1. Pill Box XXL
    XXL Nutrition
  2. Big Grips - 1 set
    XXL Nutrition
  3. Massage Gun
    XXL Nutrition
  4. Liquid Grip Chalk
    XXL Nutrition
    From €8.99
  5. Waist Trainer
    XXL Nutrition
    From €21.95
  6. Collar
    XXL Nutrition
  7. Running Belt
    XXL Nutrition
  8. Booty Loop Bands - 1 Set
    XXL Nutrition
  9. Soundwave V2
    XXL Sportswear
    €44.95 From €39.95
  10. Training Mask
    XXL Nutrition
  11. Head Harness - 1 pcs
    XXL Nutrition

The fanatic athletes use them weekly: training aids. Below you can find products such as bandages, wrist wraps, ab rollers, towels, sports bags, booty loop bands and many more. There are products for men as well as women. With the support of XXL Nutrition’s training aids you can hit the gym hard!