triceps rope

Tricep rope

Are you ready for the next level of tricep training? If so, opt for your own tricep rope! This exercise accessory already has an eyelet, which makes it really easy to attach to your lat pulldown machine, for example. The rope is made of super-strong nylon, and has convenient grips at the end for a perfect grip. This way, you can take your tricep training to the next level quickly and easily!

Tricep grip

In contrast to the rigid tricep pushdown grip, this tricep rope ensures that you have plenty of freedom of movement when working out your triceps. Not only can this be more enjoyable while working out, it also allows you to target other small muscles that you don't normally need. 

Training the triceps

Are you a big fan of training the triceps, or would you just like to add this to your workout routine? If so,  this simple, yet extremely effective, piece of fitness equipment is perfect for you. Naturally, this comes in the sleek design you have come to expect from us; above all, however, it is of the highest quality, so that you are guaranteed many more years of tricep workouts.

XXL Nutrition

Triceps Rope

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Take your tricep training to the next level

  • Practical rope made of strong nylon with grips
  • Really easy to attach to, for example, a lat pulley
  • Targets even the smallest tricep muscles due to the freedom of movement

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