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vegan series

Vegan Series

More and more people are adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle these days, which increases the demand for plant-based products. That is why we at XXL Nutrition have created the Vegan Series: a series of products that consist of 100% plant-based and often natural ingredients. This includes protein shakes and bars, but also diet products, products related to training and products that contribute to your health. Read more
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Vegan Protein
XXL's keuze
Vegan ProteinXXL Nutrition
Green Protein
Green ProteinXXL Nutrition
Green Protein Sample - 25 gram
Clear Vegan Protein
Clear Vegan ProteinXXL Nutrition
Natural Vegan Gainer
Vegan Algae Omega 3 - 60 caps
Vegalicious Protein Bar
XXL's keuze
1.92 per bar
Natural Energy Bar
Natural Energy BarXXL Nutrition
Recov ™
Recov ™XXL Nutrition

The development of vegan protein

Vegetable proteins often had a negative image to them: both the nutritional values ​​and the taste were usually not great, so it was rarely a great addition to your daily diet. Fortunately, that has changed a lot over the years! Today, there are plenty of vegan protein shakes available, each with their own strength. For example, Green Protein contains no less than 3 vegetable protein sources, which guarantees an excellent amino acid profile. Vegan Fit Protein, on the other hand, is characterized by its great taste, which makes every shake a pleasure to drink. In addition, there is something for everyone, such as a ready-to-use N'Joy Vegan Protein Drink or deliciously fresh Clear Vegan Fit Protein.

Vegan snacks

Sometimes you just like to eat something tasty, but you don't want to throw your entire diet into the trash bin. Then you must get to know vegan snacks such as vegan protein bars! Vegan protein bars are now so tasty that they can hardly be distinguished from your favorite snack bar, but still contain many more good nutrients - including proteins. For example, try our Vegalicious Protein Bar or N'Joy Vegan Protein Bar. As a delicious snack, a N'Joy Nuts Bar or a pack of Peanut Butter Cups can also be the solution for you!

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