Bodybuilders live differently than others. They have specific needs and their bodies require different kinds of nutrition, minerals and vitamins.  Read more
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The best bodybuilding supplements

As a bodybuilder, you live differently from the average person. You have a higher muscle mass, lower fat percentage, you exercise more often and more intensively and, of course, your diet is also much stricter. This also means that your body has additional needs. More proteins and more vitamins, but your body can also benefit from supplements designed especially for bodybuilding. In the category bodybuilding and T-boosters, you will find the best supplements specially designed for bodybuilders! Take into account that most of these supplements are mainly recommended for men aged 30 years and older. 

Perfect for natural bodybuilding

Are you an athlete in a doping-tested natural bodybuilding association, or do you just think it's important to do everything purely natural and on your own? Then, of course, you do not want anything to do with contaminated supplements or products that can get you into trouble. At XXL Nutrition, you are assured that all products and ingredients are 100% legal and free of doping. However, we always recommend that you inquire with your union about any supplements that are not allowed.

What about bodybuilding for women?

Although less popular than with men, there are also many women who want to get the most out of their physical! However, a major difference between men and women is in the hormone balance. Men have much higher testosterone, where women produce more oestrogen. For this reason, the need is also different. In particular, we do not recommend using T-boosters for women. If you want to be sure, we recommend you to read the product texts carefully.

Vegan bodybuilding

More and more bodybuilders are eating 100% vegetarian, and that is of course something that we want to take into account. For this reason, more and more of our products are surrounded by vegetable veggie caps. For example, Xtreme Test 3.0 and Testofen®.

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